CD Player Belt

My sons have recently started a program called Therapeutic Listening.  It involves listening to customized CDs with a portable CD player and special headset.  I wanted a way for them to be able to move around freely while listening to their CD, so I set out to make them CD player belts.  I didn’t find any online tutorials – most likely because most people use iPods these days (I found plenty of iPod case/carrier tutorials) – so I decided to make one myself.  Hopefully it will help someone else along the way.  :)

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Pattern Review: Side-Snapping Poo Pockets

Yes, I know… the name is terrible.  I’m not sure one should actually use the word “poo” when naming their diaper design, but I’m also equally convinced that super-cutesy names aren’t necessarily the way to go.  But I digress, as this is supposed to be a pattern review.

I cloth diapered all three of my children, but it wasn’t until very late in the game while diapering #2 and #3 (twins) that I ventured into making any diapers of my own.  It’s surprisingly easy.

I am a pattern sewer by nature, so I went looking for patterns.  There are many free ones out there, and some inexpensive ones with PDF downloads.  But I wanted a real, printed, pattern, so I tried the Side-Snapping Poo Pockets pattern.  Of all of the diaper patterns I’ve tried, it’s by far my favorite.

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