Getting Into the Spirit

Up until now, I have not been looking forward to Christmas.  For one, we are pretty poor right now, with medical bills we’ve been paying on, the loss of the van and everything else that’s come our way.  Not that Christmas is about the “stuff,” mind you, but for me, the shopping and the giving is a lot of the fun.

Also, the top of our faux pre-lit tree burnt out last year, and though I tried for hours, I could not find the culprit bulb.  The manufacturer did not offer a replacement top, so I gave it away to a woman who own a little boutique and would use it to decorate her store.  That means we have no tree this year.  Real isn’t really an option — I am allergic, the bunny will eat it and we’ll probably forget to water it and it would be dead before Christmas.  Therefore, I need to buy a new Christmas tree.  I think I am going to hit Home Depot’s Black Friday sale — they have a nice, 7-foot, pre-lit tree for $50!

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