Financing Infertility

Recently, I was contacted through this blog by a reported for AOL who was doing a piece on financing infertility.  I responded to him and we did an interview for his piece.  He had three couples — one was starting their journey, one was pregnant, and one had succeeded (us!).

I think his article turned out well, and hope that it gives hope to others in both finding ways to pay for treatments, as well as having success with their treatments.  Also, I hope that it helps others who still feel shame or a stigma attached to infertility speak up.  You’d be surprised how many people you know who have struggled in one way or another, and infertility is no exception!

Here is the article >>

Belly Pictures

Here are my bi-weekly belly pictures. Some have been flipped horizontally because I forgot which way to face when the picture was taken… oops.

4 Week Belly
4 Weeks… and glowing!
Waistline 28″, Weight 108 pounds

6 Weeks… and sick.

8 Weeks… and really sick.
Waistline 31″, Weight 109 pounds

10 weeks (+1 day)

12 weeks (+2 days)

14 weeks
Waistline 33″, Weight 111 pounds

16 weeks
Waistline 35″, Weight 112 pounds

18 weeks
Waistline still 35″, Weight 113 pounds

20 weeks
Waistline 36″, Weight 119 pounds

22 weeks 1 day
Waistline 37″, Weight 120 pounds

24 week Belly
24 weeks 2 days
Waistline 39″, Weight 126 pounds

26 week belly
26 weeks
Waistline 40″, Weight 128.5 pounds

28 weeks 1 day belly
28 weeks 1 day
Waistline ??”, Weight 129 pounds

30 Week Belly
30 weeks
Waistline ??, Weight 132 pounds