That’s the Best You Can Do?

I think that the world had it in for me today.

First, it snowed yesterday. Not a big deal, except in this town, 2″ of snow means cancellations and delays. That meant Calista didn’t have to be at school until 12:15 pm. Skip said he had too much to do at work to go in late, so it was up to me to either keep Calista home or get her to school.

It’s Thursday, and the mom of one of Calista’s friends at school once said that Calista was welcome to go to her house on a Thursday after school if we wanted. I thought it would work out great — K could feed the kids lunch then run into town with them to take Calista to school, then Calista go go to P’s house after school and Skip could get her on his way home. Excellent. Continue reading »