Here we go again

Well, I have had some cramping today and more brown spotting/bleeding. More than before and I am not feeling good about these cramps. I am really kicking myself for declining that ultrasound yesterday because now they are closed until Monday.

Please hold on, little one.

Less Than Two Days

That’s how long until I get my hearing aids. Unfortunately, I did get a call yesterday letting me know that my model does not come in blue, so I had to scramble to pick another color.  The choices aren’t great – black, dark silver, medium silver, light silver, terra cotta, beige, and brown.  I almost went for the terra cotta, but my anti-try-to-make-it-blend-in side kicked in and I went with the medium silver. Continue reading »

In the Meantime…

Still waiting to hear back from DVR with my fingers crossed.  It would be so awesome if they decide I qualify for help in the purchase of hearing aids.  I hope it’s not too long of a wait.

In the meantime, I’ve been sick.  For six weeks now.  It’s insane.

It started with a cough that was pretty bad.  I would have long, hard bouts of coughing.  After three weeks, it moved into my sinuses and I was having headaches and tooth pain.  I finally went to my doctor who gave me antibiotics.  It didn’t clear up and actually got a bit worse, to the point where I strained or cracked my rib.  Coughing is 1,000 times more fun with a cracked rib, let me tell you! Continue reading »