Crazy Day

Today has been hectic.  Calista had off school early, so I had to get her.  Dismissal is supposed to be 1 pm.  At 12:55 pm I got up from my desk to go get her (school is right across the street from my work) and I see her walk in the door!  This is the SECOND time she’s shown up at my work on an early dismissal day BEFORE school is supposed to be out.  I called the school to confirm the ED time and they said “1 pm” so I asked why it was that my child arrives at my work up to ten minutes BEFORE 1 PM because she’s let out before I even get there to get her?  No good answer on that, other than, “Classes getting ready a bit early.” Continue reading »

Swallow This

I was shocked to receive a call from my doctor’s office at noon today asking me to schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss my blood test results.  I haven’t even had the CT scan yet, and I’d expected they’d wait for BOTH sets of test results before calling me.  Even though it was the nurse who called, which is supposed to mean “don’t freak out”, I of course freaked out.

If it were vitamin deficiency or anemia, they’d have just called in a script and let me know.  “Discussion” isn’t necessary if there were no usual results.  The CT scan didn’t get canceled, so whatever these mysterious results are, they aren’t definitive, obviously. Continue reading »

In the Meantime…

Still waiting to hear back from DVR with my fingers crossed.  It would be so awesome if they decide I qualify for help in the purchase of hearing aids.  I hope it’s not too long of a wait.

In the meantime, I’ve been sick.  For six weeks now.  It’s insane.

It started with a cough that was pretty bad.  I would have long, hard bouts of coughing.  After three weeks, it moved into my sinuses and I was having headaches and tooth pain.  I finally went to my doctor who gave me antibiotics.  It didn’t clear up and actually got a bit worse, to the point where I strained or cracked my rib.  Coughing is 1,000 times more fun with a cracked rib, let me tell you! Continue reading »