So Tired

Today, the insurance company for the lady who hit me on October 22nd called and tried to tell me that they feel I was equally at fault for the accident because I could had been “more attentive” and “traveling at a safer speed.”  I laughed out loud when he told me that.  He even went on to ASK me what the speed limit was and how fast I was going.  How can you determine my speed was unsafe if you don’t even know what my speed was?!  Ridiculous!!

After a good argument with the insurance agent, he said he would have to review the case with his manager and would call me back by the end of the day.  And, of course, he did not call me back.  So I just finished up a nice little fax for him with all of the reimbursements they owe me as of right now (which is $1,199.40) and kindly let them know I will gladly get a lawyer and also go for lost time and wages if they can’t confirm these reimbursements and give me a date of check issue right away. Continue reading »

Stupid Web Browser

If you use Internet Exploder — uh, Explorer — please accept my humble apologies. I didn’t realize my new site was seriously screwed up in IE and I spent way too many hours fixing it today. So now, it should be all purdy again, but please, do yourself a favor and switch to FireFox ( and save yourself a lot of trouble. ;)

Well, now that the boys are sleeping through the night (you heard me, SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT, as in ALL NIGHT LONG!  Boot camp worked — yeeeeeee haw!) I swore I’d start going to bed earlier.  That means I am going to cut this short and go to bed (is 11:30 pm still considered “early”?).  Good night!

Baby Boot Camp

Before I tell you about Baby Boot Camp, I’d like to say that we are not too poor to afford a Christmas tree!  I’m not sure what all I said about not having one in previous posts, but apparently, it came across as us being too broke for a tree.  Oops!  That isn’t the case — I’m just to CHEAP to want to spend more than $75 or so on one.  :)

Now that I’ve cleared that up, it’s time to talk about Baby Boot Camp.  The boys are 13+ months old.  They do not sleep through the night (if you do not have twins, insert your comment about how so-and-so was sleeping through the night since 8 weeks; if you have twins, nod your head in sympathy).  Some days, I think they will never sleep through the night.  But dang it, I am trying my hardest this week to correct that.

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