What’s Next?

I’ve got a lot to write about but don’t know what to start with or what people even find interesting…  I could write about my mom’s visit, canceling the kids’ swim lessons, my sudden problem with almost falling asleep when I drive (!), how I’ve managed to continue to keep my house clean, why I quit taking Ace to early intervention services (that post is long overdue), our guitar hero adventures (complete with video), the felt food I’ve been learning to make…  If you have something in particular you want me to write about, post a comment and let me know.  I’m sleepy and I’ve got brain overload tonight.


As you may know, either from reading my blog or from the news, my area has really been getting hit hard with the melting snow and then non-stop rain.  There has been massive flooding in many areas, as well as school delays and road closures.  Some people had to evacuate their homes, the flooding was so severe.  We, too, faced an evacuation this evening.  It was not, however, from our home; we were forced to evacuate the training pool at Arne Hanna Aquatic Center.   Yes, my friends, Nate pooped in the pool. Continue reading »