14 weeks 4 days

I fired the midwife! I think she’s great, and really wanted a midwife. We had great appointments, very long and informative. However, in between appointments, it was like I didn’t exist. I would call with concerns, like my 48-hour vomiting extravaganza, or my 8-day headache… and they wouldn’t even call me back until the next day sometimes.

I finally went to my regular doctor on March 26th, for a headache I got on March 19th and would not stop, after calling my midwife and not getting a response. The doctor said it was sinus pressure and prescribed oxycodone. I also had a blood pressure of 86/44, which seemed awfully low compared to my normal 110/80, but he didn’t seem concerned.

I got home and ate, since I wasn’t supposed to take the medicine on an empty stomach. I took the medicine, and within 10 minutes, I felt on-my-ass drunk ~ dizzy, giggly, the works. It was fun, until after about 20 minutes, I started vomiting. Forcefully. A lot. Within 30 minutes, I had a head-to-toe itchy rash of sorts, and of course the headache was back, since I expelled all of the medicine. It was NOT fun.

Thursday morning, I called the doctor to tell him about my reaction. Lucky me, he’s in the same office as the midwife, and hadn’t called me back after 5 hours. So Skip picked me up from work and took me to St. Joseph’s Hospital here in Bellingham. They couldn’t find cause for my headache other than ‘pregnancy hormones’, but I was pretty dehydrated and had to have 2 liters of fluids put back in me via IV. They also gave me some anti-nausea stuff and some vitamins through the IV. They checked baby’s heart rate and said everything seemed ok.

I am feeling much better today! I cancelled Friday’s midwife appointment and am switching back to my old OB/GYN on Monday. His staff is great, and ALWAYS calls me back right away, so I know this won’t happen again. I feel like if the midwife had listened to my concerns in the first place, it may not have gotten as bad as it did.

Oh well.

Going with an OB/GYN means there’s no guarantee that he will be the one to deliver the baby, but I think as long as I write a birth plan as to what we want and can share it with the delivery staff, we will be OK. And I won’t have the midwife there to labor with us, but we did find a great Doula. She’s basically a labor assistant, and she will stay with us from the minute I go to into labor (at home), go to the hospital with us, and be there for everything. You can read more about Doulas at http://www.dona.org.

In more exciting news, we bought the crib today!

Baby’s Crib

I don’t know when my next appointment will be, but I will post an update afterwards.

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