17 weeks 2 days

Today was the big day ~ ultrasound day!

It was quite amazing. They were able to look at so many different parts of the baby! They measured parts of the brain for signs of spina bifida (none) and down’s syndrome (none). They checked all four chambers of the heart (looked good), the spine, the femurs and humorus. The umbilical cord was checked, and we even saw the blood flow through it. They checked for cleft palate (none). We saw baby’s fingers, toes, ribs, even his or her nostrils! Speaking of ‘his’ or ‘hers’… we asked to find out the sex, and baby’s legs were crossed the ENTIRE time! No glimpses of of it’s a boy or girl for us.

As for my measuring big, no reason was found. They measured the amniotic fluid, which was normal. Only one baby. Baby measured on target for the due date. No cysts or fibroids. Just seems my uterus has no other place to go but up and out!

Baby’s face

Baby’s face ultrasound: This is a straight on view of baby’s face! He or she is laying down. The circle is baby’s eye (which is actually closed, but the ultrasound sees ‘through’ the eyelid). There is a bright white spot around the outline of the nose, and you can barely make out the lips. What a cutie!! If you just aren’t seeing it, tilt your head to the right, and you will be laying down facing baby.

Baby waving

Baby waving ultrasound: Same pose, but now baby’s right hand is up next to his or her face. You can see the arm bones and the little fingers!

The next doctor’s appointment is May 6th, 2003 at 9:30 a.m. (PST). As always, I will post an update afterwards.

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