9 dpo

Sorry, no lines to take pictures of today.  :(

By 8-10 minutes, there was a line, but it was one of those only-an-obsessed-woman-with-super-hpt-vision-can-see kind of lines — nothing I can scan or photograph.

Maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow.

ETA ~ 30 minutes after doing the test, I think it will show in a scan now.  BRB.

Unfortunately, I really had to mess with it to get the line to show.  The top one is the unadjusted.

9dpo Accu Clear

ETA 2 ~ Guess it’s not THAT faint, as DH can see it.

Now I can hear Calista telling Skip that “Mommy has two sisters in her tummy and I’m going to change their poopy diapers, and I’m going to give them binkies so they don’t cry, and I am going to give them milk from Mommy’s boobs!”

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