10 dpo and…

Ok, I was totally thrilled with this morning’s test, and that says a lot, because I don’t get excited about lines unless I really think they are real.

I definitely had a visible line at 5 minutes on the Accu-Clear.  I photographed it at 5 minutes and 8 minutes and scanned it at 10 minutes, but was disappointed to see that it didn’t really show up in any of the pictures or scan, so now I’m not as excited.

I did try my luck with the digital, figuring it was too early, and it said Not Pregnant.  However, the test strip only had one line when I disassembled it at 3 minutes (this is a new digital) and now is faintly positive.  I don’t know if these new ones are the same as the old (always has two lines) since you’re not supposed to take them apart.  It looks like a CBE strip in it.

Anyhow, here’s the pictures.  I am very cautiously excited now (even though you can barely see them in the pictures, if at all)…  and will probably buy a bajillion more pee sticks today.

5 minutes
Accu Clear 5 Minutes

8 minutes
Accu Clear 8 Minutes

10 minute scan
Accu Clear 10 Minute Scan

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