Follow-Up Consultation

We had our post-failed-IVF consult today. Calista and Skip both stayed home today, since they have my cold, so all three of us went to the consult. Calista told me she was going to tell the doctor that the baby seeds didn’t work, and she did. It was cute, though a little depressing.

Dr. B went over the cycle and seemed to think everything went great as far as egg quality, fertilization, and embryo quality. He did say that next time, they would put me on the flare protocol, which just means doing my meds a little differently to get more eggs, and therefore (hopefully) more embryos. He said that there are so many things you don’t know about a couple’s fertility until you do an IVF, and one of those things is how I responded to the medications. 9 follicles aspirated waqs not bad, but more would have been better, and I am glad that he offered to be more aggressive in that respect.

The best part, though, was when I was asking about cost, and I said something to the effect of —

I am assuming there will be some things we won’t have to pay for again, like the initial insult, of course…

Yes, I meant to say the intial consult, but for whatever reason, it came out insult. Classic.

Complete sidetrack for a minute… I have a huge hive on my stomach and it’s driving me nuts. Does the fun never end?


Dr. B thinks our chances of IVF working are good, and his optimism was reassuring. We also learned today that at least one of his kids was conceived through IVF, so it’s also nice to know that he understands what we are going through on an emotional level.

We are on board for trying again in February. I don’t have any dates yet, because they aren’t scheduling into February just yet, but I do know I will start birth control in January when I start a new cycle in preparation.

Until then, it’s a matter of money.

And with that, I am considering IVF #1 a closed case.

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