Slow and Steady…

We are now up to 20 contest entries ( and only 5 away from being able to move ahead and give a prize (the minimum number of entries for a valid contest is 25). Those 25 entries are basically our break-even point, and entries 26+ will be funds raised towards our goal. Even if we don’t raise a lot on this contest, I’m still excited to give away that 30GB iPod w/ video and the $100 and $50 gift cards!!

I still have no word from my accountant on taxes and I’m getting antsy. She had called me a few times on Sunday saying she was finalizing everything, and she was supposed to be done within 2 weeks (we’re past that now). I am just holding my breath that we don’t owe and hoping we might even get some back. I’m not going to pay the $1,000 deposit on our IVF until I know for sure we don’t owe a ton of money or something, since we had planned to finance anything we hadn’t raised… I’d hate to finance a few thousand dollars and then also owe a few more to the IRS. But that’s not going to happen, right? :)

I have also been so grateful to a few friends who have been able to really help us reach our goal by helping cut back on the cost of the medications we need. As you may know, the medications themselves can cost a couple thousand dollars, so I am in debt to my friends who are helping in that area! THANK YOU, friends!!!!!

That’s all for now. I hope to have the tax thing figured out soon, as everything is kind of hinging on tht at the moment (whether we can make our deposit and secure or March IVF or not).

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