That’s how many photo contest entries there are at the time of this post. I’m very excited, and anxious to see who wins. We have three contest judges, and I am NOT one of them because I could never choose! :)

Calista has been talking a lot lately about her “baby sister”. I don’t know where it’s coming from, because we have definitely lessened our talk of having a baby over the past several months. She told me yesterday that her baby sister will need to have a bike so they can ride bikes together. She also told me that her baby sister can have her bedroom, and she will sleep on the couch! How funny is that? Then she said that instead, her baby sister can have the playroom (our spare bedroom) but if the baby cries and bugs her, she will bring the baby to our room. What a riot!

We were then going over some of her Spanish, and we were doing mommy (mami), daddy (papa), and grandma (abuela). Then I asked her what she is, and she said, “big sister!”

I asked her who she was a big sister to, and she said to the baby that will come out of my tummy very soon.

For everyone’s sake, I hope she’s right. We have asked her what if her sister turns out to be a brother, and she said then he could live somewhere else. Uh oh!!

It’s endearing to hear her so excited and talking about wanting a sibling, but at the same time, it’s scary for me because I want it to happen, too, but just can’t promise her that it will.

Anyhow, there’s a little update for today. Photo contest judging starts tomorrow — stay tuned!!!!!

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