Belated Update…

Sorry I posted the photo winners and then disappeared. I spent all of last weekend working on a site renovation (which still has bugs to be worked out) and then got the flu on Tuesday night and have spent most of my week in bed. Not fun.

I got in touch with all three winners who have accepted their prizes. Pam should be receiving her iPod in just a few days, and and Maria and Kim’s gift cards will go out Monday. The contest was a success! We had some CompUSA gift cards that enabled us to cover most of the cost for the iPod, so after the difference there and the cost of the gift cards minus PayPal fees, our total raised via the contest was $204.04! Thank you to everyone who entered.

In addition, we recently got Skip’s quarterly bonus from work, which added $318.90 to the funds, plus we had some other income, such as a Flex Spending reimbursement of $500 and we sold a few more CDs for $38!

I am going to update our Income and Expenses page to reflect the new numbers.

Since our IVF has now been paid for (we put it on our charge card when the balance was due a little over a week ago), I’m going to take down the thermometer and other fundraising indicators, but will continue to update our income and expenses page as we do have some other money coming in to help offset the cost.

My first ultrasound (the suppression check) is Monday, March 12th, and provided all goes well, IVF is underway… again.

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