Stopping Time

If I could stop time, I think I would.  As much as I love to watch Ace and Nate grow and change each day, I am just not wanting them to grow up.  They will be one next weekend, and it feels too soon!  I’m not ready.  :(

This was me one year ago today:

I was 30 weeks pregnant and so miserable.  I had gone to the OB that day because I kept having contractions and just didn’t feel right, but the non-stress test and fetal fibronectin test (which I later learned is not accurate in twin pregnancies) indicated that all was well and I was not expected to go into labor within the following two weeks.  Little did they know…

I’ve been gathering the supplies for the boys’ birthday.  The cake is ordered and the invitations sent.  I have a few more details to work on and then it’s just waiting for the day of the party.

My babies are growing up…

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  1. Babies growing is so bittersweet. I’m looking at my almost-1-y-o and thinking about weaning him and being done with bfing for probably the last time in my life. So sweet and so sad. I understand completely what you are saying.

  2. Ohhhh Somer i feel your pain!
    I am a few months behind you (rememebr that dec 20 due date!!!) lol it has gone SOOOOO fast hey- where did a year go?
    I cant wait to see the birthday pix- what is your theme?

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