Stupid Web Browser

If you use Internet Exploder — uh, Explorer — please accept my humble apologies. I didn’t realize my new site was seriously screwed up in IE and I spent way too many hours fixing it today. So now, it should be all purdy again, but please, do yourself a favor and switch to FireFox ( and save yourself a lot of trouble. ;)

Well, now that the boys are sleeping through the night (you heard me, SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT, as in ALL NIGHT LONG!  Boot camp worked — yeeeeeee haw!) I swore I’d start going to bed earlier.  That means I am going to cut this short and go to bed (is 11:30 pm still considered “early”?).  Good night!

3 Replies to “Stupid Web Browser”

  1. Ok you have to detail boot camp for me again. How many nights?? And you slept on the floor?
    Nick is still nightwaking. He is getting his 2 year molars, so I give in and bring him to bed with me. He’s now taking a pacifier to bed with him too!
    I am ready to do baby boot camp – but he gets SO SO SO upset. Plus his room is across from mine and right next to Marlee’s, so none of us get any sleep when we’ve tried to let him cry. Come on, he’s almost 2. I have to get this kid to sleep through. He does – randomly.

    And. Who uses IE anymore? Lol!

  2. Also, how do you get Facebook to update twitter? I loaded the twitter ap on Facebook but it doesn’t update for me!! And how did you put the Twitter on your blog??

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