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When our van was totaled back in October, we had two Sunshine Kids Radian 65 car seats, as well as Calista’s Graco Turbo Booster.  When a vehicle is in an accident, the car seats need to be replaced, even if there is no visible damage to them, because there is a risk that the components could have been weakened or compromised in the collision.

Our insurance told us that they would only give $50 per seat, but the Radians are $200 car seats!  Then the insurance agent told me if I could produce the original receipts for the seats, that they would give me the amount I had paid for them.

Normally, I would have these filed nicely in my “receipts” drawer.  For some reason, though, I couldn’t find them.  I started searching online and did locate one of them, but couldn’t remember where I bought the second one.

I was looking at the Sunshine Kids’ website to see the list of retailers in hopes of jogging my memory, and there I saw a page about their Crashed Restraint Exchange Program.  It seemed that our accident met all of the criteria, so I put everything together and sent it in.

About a week later, I got an email saying that I had been approved and that my new seats had been shipped.  Not only did the company send me two FREE replacement car seats, they sent me the Radian 80s, which are the step up from the 65s.  They harness to a higher wieght limit, are a little bit cushier, come with the carry strap and inserts for infants and toddlers.

I am so impressed with their customer service and their program, and wanted to let others know, in the unfortunate event that you ever find yourself in an accident and needing a seat replacement.  I’ve been told that Britax has a similar program.

Three cheers for Sunshine Kids!

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  1. Wow! That is fantastic. I may have to look into those when the girls are ready to sit facing front. With customer service like that, it is worth the money!

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