Friday Night Fun

Tonight, after the boys went to bed, Calista, Skip and I piled into our bed with some pillows, pop and popcorn and watch Wall-E.  Calista and I had already seen it in the theatre, but Skip hadn’t seen it yet.  It is such a cute movie!  I love it.

Now Calista is in bed and we are working on cleaning the living room carpet in preparation for putting up our Christmas tree tomorrow!  I hope it doens’t rain, as I’d like to get the outside lights put up, too.

Oh, so get this…  earlier today, I had a message from the guy at the insurance company of the lady who crashed into our van.  He told me that he hadn’t yet looked at the police report, but hoped to get to it today and he would be in touch with me when he had a chance.

First of all, the accident was on October 22…  how long can it possibly take??  Second of all, almost two weeks ago, he told me that he had been waiting on the police report and (coincidentally) it had JUST arrived that day (a month after the accident, mind you).  He told me he’d be reviewing it in the next day or so and would be in touch.

Obviously, he didn’t call me, so I went ahead and faxed him my $500 car rental receipt for reimbursement.  Still no response.  So I called, and he didn’t answer (never seems to).  That’s why he called back today.

After I heard his message, I called him back and left a slightly not-nice message about how it’s been too long and he needs to look at the report now.  I told him I made note of his hours and would call every day until he had looked at the report, and then I’d call some more until I got my money.  We are still out $500 from our deductible (which my insurance will reimburse me once the other insurance pays them), $300 for the rental (our insurance paid for $200 of it, but the total was $500), $150 for each boys’ doctor’s appointment…  that’s $1,100 right there, plus I had a doctor’s appointment and have been doing massage therapy twice a week and will probably need to continue on to physical therapy.

It’s Christmas time and we would like our money, thankyouverymuch.

I think I’ll leave him messages all weekend, just for good measure.  I did tell him I’d be calling every day…

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