So Tired

Today, the insurance company for the lady who hit me on October 22nd called and tried to tell me that they feel I was equally at fault for the accident because I could had been “more attentive” and “traveling at a safer speed.”  I laughed out loud when he told me that.  He even went on to ASK me what the speed limit was and how fast I was going.  How can you determine my speed was unsafe if you don’t even know what my speed was?!  Ridiculous!!

After a good argument with the insurance agent, he said he would have to review the case with his manager and would call me back by the end of the day.  And, of course, he did not call me back.  So I just finished up a nice little fax for him with all of the reimbursements they owe me as of right now (which is $1,199.40) and kindly let them know I will gladly get a lawyer and also go for lost time and wages if they can’t confirm these reimbursements and give me a date of check issue right away.

Then my insurance agency called me for my statement in regards to yesterday’s accident.  We have to take the Pacifica for an estimate on Wednesday and I have to get the police report so they can contact the other party and get his side of the story.  Seeing as he (and his two buddies) gave the police a different account of what happened then we did, this one should be even more fun!

To top it all off, we got a bill today for over $1,000 for a surgery Skip had in June of 2007!  It should have been covered by insurance, and why they are just now getting around to it is beyond me.  And we’ve got a $195 bill for Ace from the hospital on October 1 of this year, but he hasn’t been in the hospital, so I have no clue what that is for!!!  More phone calls to make…  It’s maddening.

I need sleep.  And now, I’m going to get it.  All I can say is thank GOD I did baby boot camp and the boys are sleeping through the night now, or I’d need to be committed.

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  1. Good heavens you need a break Sommer! I hope the accident stuff gets sorted out for you and FAST. What a jerk with the 18-wheeler. UGH!

  2. I can’t believe all that crap! I hate having to make calls to clear things up. :hug:

    Wanted to thank you for prompting me to do baby boot camp – after seeing how successful it was with your boys I’ve been working with Nick and we all slept through last night!!! Nick is not very consistent, so we’ll see if we have a repeat tonight!!

  3. Ever thought about just staying home? Maybe living in a bubble for a while? Sheesh. A semi ran over the front drivers side of my car (while I was in the drivers seat) once and the idiot didn’t even care. If they give you any crap at all, call a lawyer.

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