If there’s one thing I cannot say about my life, it would be that it’s boring.  My life is anything from boring.  Or ordinary, for that matter.  Things just seem to happen to me.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but often unbelievable.

Yesterday, my brand new Pacifica (you know, the one I got on October 31 after my van was totaled?) was hit by an 18-wheeler.  Yes, an 18-wheeler.  Un-freaking-believable!!!

We had been out and about after dropping Calista off with our friends, T and G, to go Christmas tree hunting.  Skip got a haircut, and then we took the boys shopping.  There was a scary free Santa at Wal-Mart that the boys met.  They screamed when we put them on his lap.  Oops.  Afterwards, we met up with Calista again and decided to stop by McDonald’s on the way home.

After we ate, we pulled up to the parking lot exit and stopped to wait to make a right turn.  Just as we got there, an 18-wheeler with some large, oversized piece of construction equipment on it approached from the right and began turning left in to the parking lot that we were waiting to pull out of.

As he started turning in, we could see that he needed more room, as he was coming very close to the front of our car.  I started to back up and he kept coming closer and closer.  I kept backing up — a good 25 feet or so — and he just kept coming.  I was running out of options, so I laid on the horn long and hard, but he never stopped once until he hit us.

Whatever he was hauling was actually what hit us — it started at my side view mirror and dragged up the side of the Pacifica on the driver’s side.  I didn’t want to move forward or backward for fear of further damaging my car, and I couldn’t open my door, so I sat there and cried as Skip got out.

He never did talk to the driver, nor did the driver ever talk to us.  The driver did take a bunch of pictures of the accident, and I called 911.  The police came and took the reports, and we separated the vehicles.

The police officer told us that the driver claims he was already in the lot when we approached and it was our fault.  That is total b.s. as we were stopped at the road when he started to turn, we were clearly visible to him (whether he saw us or not is another story), he never stopped to let us get out of his way, and the lot was large enough that he could have pulled more to his right and not come so close to us.

We got home and I had to call insurance — again — and make a claim.  I am dreading this.  We still have over $1,100 to recoup from the last accident, the van isn’t even fully paid off yet because of money not yet paid from the other insurance, and we haven’t even made the first payment on the Pacifica yet!

Here we go again.  Unbelievable.

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  1. Oh! My! Goodness! I don’t even know what to say!
    I am so glad that you guys are fine, but WTF? Was he drunk or something?
    Best of luck! Again, I am so sorry!

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