The Winds of Change

Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Do you hear that? It’s the winds of change.  (Yes, that’s a totally cheesy line from Monsters Inc, but I don’t care.)  What started out with the potential to be a really bad day turned out to be a pretty good one after all.

The bad part was that I went into the garage to grab a rice milk and as I bent down to pick it up, I bashed my mouth on the corner of the recycle bin and split my lip.  I started bleeding and man did it hurt!  My gums are bruised, my lip is split, and I had some skin hanging down the inside of my upper lip.  I said “had” because as I was trying to bite it off, it got caught between two of my teeth and RIPPED off.  AUGH!  I shudder just thinking about the pain…

I figured it was going to be a miserable day after that.

However, I was wrong!  You see, a few weeks ago, I made a proposal to one of my biggest clients that they contract me for 20 hours per week at a fixed rate.  This would allow me a guaranteed income and less stress since I’d be able to focus on one client only instead of ten or more at a time.  Unfortunately, 20 hours was a bit much for them, so I offered 15.  Yesterday they met to discuss it, but I never heard anything.

I hesitantly emailed this morning to see how it went and found out that they are accepting my proposal!  I can’t even begin to describe what a HUGE weight this is lifting from my shoulders.  I will be able to focus on the organization (my client) and do so many more things for them that I’ve been wanting to do, like provide better member service, update the web site and marketing materials and more.  I still have to go over the details with the president, but I should start January 1st.  Yahoo!!!

I also decided, regretfully, that I can no longer serve as the President of my Homeowner’s Association.  When I started, it was great.  We had momentum, we were making progress…  then the Secretary resigned.  Then the Vice President resigned.  We got a new Secretary and VP, only to lose the Treasurer.  We replaced the Treasurer only to lose the replacement VP and Secretary!  We just got a new VP and Secretary last month.  This has all happened since March, mind you.

During all of this turnover, I had to take on extra responsibility with the HOA, and the momentum just (understandably) died.  Then the chaos that is my life started creeping in and I found less and less time to give to Association work.  So, tonight, I sent my regrets and my resignation.  I hate to let them down, but the new VP, Secretary and Treasurer have a lot of experience and I know that they will do great without me holding them back.

Tonight, I feel like I can breathe.  It’s been a good day.

And, since I opened with a line from Monsters Inc., I am going to close with one — Skip’s favorite dialogue in the movie:

Randall: Okay, I think I know how to make this all go away. What happens when the whistle blows in five minutes?

Mike: I get a time out?

Randall: Everyone goes to lunch! Which means the scare floor will be…

Mike: …Painted?

Randall: EMPTY! I’ll be empty, you idiot!

3 Replies to “The Winds of Change”

  1. I know I am a bit too late for this comment but I love your blog “extreme makeover”!…

    …I am enjoying your every day bloging. Your blog was the first blog that I began to read constantly and it was a true inspiration.

    Good to hear about your new contract, it sounds great!

  2. ok once again you and I are SOOO much alike- I use that line ALL THE TIME- that whole movie is FULL of those great lines…….. I love it!!!!! It works well for me at work too- you know in times of crisis and stress break out alittle monsters inc!
    I also use toy story lines all the time to….. too funny!!!!

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