As you may know, either from reading my blog or from the news, my area has really been getting hit hard with the melting snow and then non-stop rain.  There has been massive flooding in many areas, as well as school delays and road closures.  Some people had to evacuate their homes, the flooding was so severe.  We, too, faced an evacuation this evening.  It was not, however, from our home; we were forced to evacuate the training pool at Arne Hanna Aquatic Center.   Yes, my friends, Nate pooped in the pool.

You see, we signed the kids up for swim lessons at the aquatic center.  Calista is in a teacher-led class, and Ace and Nate are in the parent/child class.  Skip took Nate, I took Ace, and Calista headed off to her own little group.  Both of our classes were held in the training pool, which is about 3.5 feet deep at the deepest point.  Each parent had their baby and we were playing little games and singing songs in the water.  We started singing “London Bridge” and the teachers were holding some pool noodles in an arch as the parents and babies went around in a circle, going under the “bridge”.

As we neared the deep end, Skip mentioned to me that he thought someone pooped in the pool.  He motioned to a little floating brown thing in the water — it really looked like a large booger, not some huge log or anything.  As we make our way back to the “bridge”, I see more poop floating and I notice…  it seemed to be following us.

Now I know that when there is poop in the pool, everyone has to get out.  I quietly mention to the lifeguard that a baby seems to have pooped in the pool, and I checked Ace’s pants.  He checked out ok.  But then I heard Skip make a groaning noise and see that he’s checked Nate’s pants. Our darling Nater Gater was, indeed, the pool-pooper, and both the Parent/Child class and Calista’s class were evacuated.

The older kids (Calista’s class) headed off to the big pool, as the parents and babies stood shivering at the side of the pool.  It’s an indoor pool, but it’s still cold when you get out!

A kind man gave up his lane so we could continue our class there.  Of course it’s way colder than the training pool, and some of the babies were none too happy about that.  Ace made his rounds making friends as we sheepishly apologized for having the pool-pooping baby.  One dad said it probably happens every class, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that in all the classes we took Calista to as a baby, it never happened once.

Nate returned from his change and had a grand old time in class, but not surprisingly, he didn’t leave with any new friends.

Maybe next week will be better.

Poor Skip, though.  Not only did he suffer the embarrassment of having the pooper who ruined class, apparently, he stepped on some of the poop while we were doing London Bridge and has had the heebie jeebies ever since.

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  1. HILARIOUS! Hee hee! It’ll be one of those things you laughingly remember somewhere down the road even though you’re embarrassed to death right now. (Very well-written, BTW. Gotta love “the Pool-Pooper!”)

  2. ok i dont knwo what I am more imprssed with- you ability to admit these things or the way you write them down! you shoudl write a book… really!
    we still have a tonne o snow up here- but at least the roads are clear- i guess hte big melt is next…..

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