I’ve lost my mojo

I am sitting here, feeling like I could throw up any minute, tired as anything, and needing to (1) write a grocery list, (2) go grocery shopping, (3) clean up the disaster that is my house and (4) finish a LOT of work on ConnectedMoms.com that I wanted (actually NEED) to release tomorrow.  I worked from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm standing all day, and do NOT feel like doing anything other than sleep.  My head hurts, my throat hurts, my back and feet hurt, I am congested and very nauseous.

Skip was home all day with Ace and Nate and part of the day with Calista (I had arranged for her to be out of the house for part of the day, since Skip is quite sick himself).  He will have no car tomorrow since I lent our car to K while her car is out of commission, and he and the kids need food for tomorrow.

I NEED to get out of the house and do this stuff, but it’s already 8 pm and I so don’t feel like it!  And I am never going to get my work on ConnectedMoms.com done because I guarantee that as soon as I get home from shopping and put everything away, Nate will either wake up or throw up and I’ll be stuck helping him out.

That means I can either stay up until some ridiculous hour to get it all done, or yet again run out of time to make important changes to my site when I had planned to have them done.

Either way, it sucks.

Sorry to whine…  I just needed to get that out and now I will force myself to go get groceries.  I really, really hope I don’t start puking because I have to work tomorrow.  I don’t have time to be sick!

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  1. What did the Croncks get themselves into that everyone is puking?! Hope you all get some rest and that you feel better soon. If I lived close, I’d go get your groceries for you. And leave them on your doorstep so as not to catch the crud…

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