Mojo Nomo

Last time I posted, I was looking for my mojo.  I think it ended up in my toilet around 3 AM along with my stomach contents.  After posting, I called K who was kind enough to go to the grocery store with me.  I kept feeling worse and shopping was horrible, as looking at the food just made me want to vomit.  I even considered making myself barf just to feel better, but figured that wasn’t exactly when I wanted to do at Safeway at 10 PM.

I also remembered during that time why I quite possibly never want to be pregnant again.  Because that is how I feel just about every second of my pregnancy.  On the verge of barfing.  Not cool.

I made it through the grocery shopping somehow (though I did forget to get milk) and got home.  I dropped of K at her house and then dragged the groceries into my kitchen, put away only the frozen and refrigerated stuff and went to bed.  I didn’t get anything else I needed to get done as I was too sick.

I guzzled some Pepto in hopes of sleeping, but it didn’t help, and Calista was in our bed and kept insisting on trying to sleep with her head on my stomach.  I finally caved at 3 AM and high-tailed it to the bathroom for a good, stomach-turning barf and man am I glad I didn’t try that at Safeway.  It was the kind where your body forces everything humanly possible out of your stomach and it’s awful.  I can’t believe Nate’s been such a sport as he was throwing up like that for 3 days and never so much as whined about it when he did.

After I was all cleaned up and drank some more Pepto, Nate woke up, followed by Ace, so I tried to settle them.  I ended up sleeping in Calista’s (single) bed with Nate, who ended up by my feet, so of course I had to wake up every 20 minutes or so to make sure he wasn’t falling out of bed.  Then I overslept and had all of 1/2 hour to get to work.

I got to work and got the store opened, and then sat in one of the recliners facing the door and pretty much praying no one came in.  Just as my manager arrived, I ran to the bathroom for some more barfing — and diarrhea just for added laughs.

I managed to work until about 2 pm when I just couldn’t do it any more and I had K come pick me up.  She and Skip went back later to get my car.

I slept a while and then hung out and watched Celbrity Apprentice which was a decent reminder of why I don’t usually watch TV.  So many better things I could have done with that 2 hours, but I felt like shit and didn’t care.  Oh, Ace was not interested in sleeping during that time, so he either snuggled me or ran around the living room until 11 PM.

Today I felt better, but still not really hungry.  Skip made it to work, Nate didn’t throw up once and Ace and Calista seemed fine, though Ace and Nate aren’t eating much.  I had a hell of a mess to clean up around the house, though, from dishes everywhere to piles of laundry — including barf-covered ones from Nate’s previous escapades.  And tehn, after school, Calista had her friend A come over and I discovered too late that they opted to use the melted snow in her buckets to turn the dirt in my garden into mud and…  you get the idea.  That added muddy floors, muddy clothes and a muddy bathroom to my already large cleaning to-do list.  Joy.

I never did get updated yet…  but hey, it’s only 9:15 PM and I just finished one round of work.  The night is still young.  *sigh*

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