Ever since that stupid accident back in October 2008 where the lady ran her stop sign and totaled my van, I have had migraines.  Pretty much any time I sit for an extended period of time, like at work or while traveling, I can pretty much expect to have a migraine for a day or more afterward.  We went up Canada on Saturday and took the ferry over to Victoria and I’ve had a headache since.  Is this ever going to stop?  Excedrin Migraine sometimes can’t touch it, and weekly massage therapy helps, but I am still.getting.migraines.  ARGH!  I’m hoping to start to see a chiropractor when I get on my new health insurance at work.  I just wish I could get back to “normal” as far as my back/neck are concerned.

Sorry for the boring rant, but I’m really trying to find my groove and get back into posting here again.  It’s a start…

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  1. I was in an accident when I was pregnant with Marlee. At a dead stop, rear ended going 45 mph. I was fine at the time, but after I had her is when the migraines started. I did the massage all through my pregnancy but it didn’t really help. I also was on prescription IB all the time, couldn’t lift my arms above my head or lift the baby without setting off a headache.

    I don’t remember when they finally stopped, but they did. Probably about a year later or so. It had to do with the muscles in my neck. I think you might want to see a PT or Chiro. I am sure they can help.

    1. I remember when that happened. Could we *be* more alike (said in my best Chandler Bing voice)? I’ve been putting off the chiro because I didn’t have PIP on my auto insurance, and my medical isn’t the greatest, so I’d have to pay all out-of-pocket. Hopefully my new insurance will offer good coverage and I can finally go!!

  2. I’m sorry you’re having migraines, I know they’re awful! In their book, Heal Your Headache: the 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain, by David Buchholz and Stephen G. Reich M.D. state that all headaches are variations of the same thing. We’ve just decided categorize them into different headings based on how they manifest themselves.
    Although they’ve had great success altering diet to fix headaches, I’ve had great success at correcting musculoskeletal causes of neck pain and headaches. It turns out it’s quite simple for most people. This is outlined in my book, Fixing You: Neck Pain & Headaches.
    Because of this and other items I’ve read, I believe that headaches are a threshold phenomenon. What I mean by this is above a certain threshold of stress, we experience headaches. Three of the stresses that can cause us to break this threshold are dietary, musculoskeletal, and psychological.
    Some people are more sensitive to certain stresses than others. Keeping any one or all three of these stressors under control seems to relieve all types of headaches. I’ve also posted two tests for neck pain and headaches on YouTube if you’re interested.
    I tend to think that, because your headaches began after your accident, that you may have more of a mechanically based problem than diet or psychological. Anyway, I hope this information helps. Cute pictures, by the way.

    1. Thanks of the info, Rick. I am certain they are primarily stemming from the accident, though I seem to be more susceptible to them under times of greater stress as well. :(

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