Well, I’ve ordered my hearing aids.  I am getting Oticon Acto Pro Mini RITE hearing aids (the smaller one shown on the left in the picture)…  in Samoa Blue.  I debated a long time abut the color.  I was pretty sure I didn’t want “flesh tone” and once it was suggested I could get that color and I found myself feeling offended at the implication that I should somehow hide them solidified my decision to get blue.  Though I will admit that on the drive home, I debated calling to change to silver.

I’ll stick with blue.

I also got the Streamer (in black), which is a device that will allow my bluetooth capable electronics to go right to my hearing aids.  Cell phone, MP3 player, computer, and anything else I have or get a bluetooth adapter for can be channel straight to my head.  It will probably give me cancer, but it’s cool.

She said she’d order them tomorrow, and they would be in on Friday.  Too bad for me that she doesn’t have a fitting appointment until the NEXT Friday.

The last thing is wait for DVR’s approval of the purchase tomorrow…

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  1. HOORAY! You will be able to fully hear the sounds of your children excitedly opening their Christmas gifts this year! I am so happy for you, Sommer! :-)

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