Learning Curve

Well, this hearing aid thing is going as well as can be expected, I suppose.  I am having a heck of a time with the left one feeling like it’s slipping out, so I am going to see if I can grab some medium domes from the audiologist tomorrow.  I am forever tucking it back in and it’s irritating.

The right one seems fine,aside from the pressure feeling I get after wearing them a few hours, and that’s getting better (I can go longer stretches before they hurt).

They seem to be not loud enough, though.  I know they will be adjusted again on Thursday and aren’t at full settings yet (so as not to overwhelm me) but I confess, I’ve been turning them up even though my audiologist told me not to.  Don’t tell on me!!

Using them with the phone is a challenge, I learned tonight.  Since the receiver is behind my ear, but you hold the phone speaker up to your ear canal, the receiver doesn’t pick it up well and it’s harder to hear instead of better.  But these hearing aids have a “phone mode” where if I position the phone just right, they will kick into some mode that does make it better.  However, I’m having trouble finding that spot, so when I talked to my mom tonight, they kept switching modes on me (which is also accompanied by beeping) and it was rather frustrating.

Oh, and we will no longer be using the timer on the oven after it went off yesterday and caused some awful feedback in the hearing aids.  OUCH!

I guess I also should get this thing called a “Dry and Store” to disinfect and dry them each night, so I am going to see about getting one of those.  And maybe custom ear molds, because these little silicone domes are making me mental!

It IS getting easier to use them but this learning curve is a bit of a bitch right now.  I can’t wait until using them is second nature!

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