Dog Snuggle Bed

Our family is getting a puppy in May.  She is a Pomchi – half Pomeranian and half Chihuahua.  I’ve been itching to make her some goodies even though it will be quite a while before she’s home with us.

I started by researching dog beds and what kind she might like.  Chihuahuas are burrowers by nature and our pup’s mom loves to be under covers, so I decided to try some sort of “snuggle bed”.  Basically, a bog bed with an attached blanket, or one with an opening to enter into is a snuggle bed.

I saw some for sale that were made to fit a standard pillow and had the blanket sewn on top, so I decided to craft my own.  This is my first attempt at it, and was made with scrap fabric.

The bottom has a fold-over opening to insert the pillow and is made of cotton.  The top of the “pillowcase” part is fleece.  The blanket itself is fleece on the underside and cotton on the top, with a fleece trim on the open edge.

I made the blanket 1/3 longer than the bed so it has room to serve a decent size “pouch” and the cotton top to the blanket gives it good weight and makes the pouch a little darker inside.

This bed has already been given to our pup’s mother to try it out, and I will be making more soon.  If there is any interest, I can post a tutorial.  It only took me about two hours to make, and that was including the time it took me to draft the pattern and cut everything out…  and rip a few seams when I messed up!

This is the “bed” with a pillow inserted.

Here are some samples of how it works with my daughter’s toy as a model.

5 Replies to “Dog Snuggle Bed”

  1. Please please please please please could you let me have the tutorial for this! I have been looking for one for ages but they are all pants. I would be so grateful.

    Many thanks,

    1. I can post a tutorial, but you’re sure you want a dog snuggle bed? You said all the ones you have seen elsewhere are pants, so I’m a little confused. :)

  2. Woud love to have tutorial on the dog snuggle bed. I’ve tried several versions on my own and they don’t turn out.

    Would be greatful for tutorial.

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