I’ve been thinking for a while I need some tags to add to the items I make, and finally ordered some.  I used http://www.misslabel.com, though I didn’t order from her site directly – I ordered from her Etsy store.

I will say that there was some frustration during the design/ordering process, but Amy (the owner) was quite nice, responsive, and in the end, I did get perfect little labels.  Check these beauties out:



They are printed on satin ribbon, and are about 5/8″ wide.  Since they are so small, I left off my URL, but if you Google “Callie Jo’s Closet” you will find me, so I thought just the name would do.

I got 100 of them for $30, and I just fold them in half and press them with an iron before I sew them in.  I don’t have a photo, but they have care instructions on the back, “Wash in warm water.  Tumble dry low.”  Most everything I make falls under that category, so I figured they were a good starting point.

I’m thinking that next I will need some size tags, and will eventually need other care instructions, but for now, I am excited to have these.  Look how fabulous they make these diapers look!

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