Sorry you’re so sick…

… is what the doctor said to me today.  And I wanted to punch him square in the jaw and tell him I was sorry his jaw hurt.

My doctor is on vacation his week, and while we were also on vacation, I started having some spotting.  I called today after we got home to check to see if it meant I needed a Rhogham shot, and they had me come in.

I saw a doctor who is not my primary, and he did an exam and said everything looked fine, the spotting wasn’t from the cervix so there was no need for Rhogham at this time… he offered an ultrasound for my peace of mind, but I declined based on his observation and feeling everything was fine.

Then I started to tell him how sick I am, that the Unisom/B6/Zofran is not working and that I think I’m going to have to try something else.  I told him what I was taking now, and told him how I had a PICC line with the boys because I was so ill.  He asked my why oral Zofran wasn’t enough, and said I was taking a lot already.  He asked if I knew about the pressure points in my wrists, and I told him, yes, I knew about the pressure points, and ginger candy, and small sips of water, and cracker before you get out of bed, and acupuncture, and Reglan, and how none of it has worked for me in the past, and though I am a little scared of a Zofran pump, it might be what I need.

He told me that I needed to take small sips of water all day long and that he was sorry I was so sick and that was the end of the appointment.

I totally should have thrown up all over his office before I left, now that I think about it.

For right now, I am keeping up with the Unisom/B6/Zofran because I’m scared it IS working and I will be a whole lot worse without it.  I am going to call MY doctor on Monday and beg for help.  The thought of food makes me sick.  When I can force myself to eat, I’m ok for a few moments, and then instantly regret it.  I am stuck in “puke purgatory” – that moment just before you throw up and your mouth gets all watery and tastes funny and you feel the bubbling in your throat… that’s how I feel 24/7.  The only thing that seems to help is laying down and sleeping, but I can only sleep so much.  As much as I hate to take meds, I have got to get this under control if I am going to be able to continue working, which I need to do.

A couple of weeks ago, when I started to get sick, I reached out to an author who had sent me a free copy of her book – Battling Hyperemesis: Beyond Morning Sickness – when she came across my blog with the boys and I was so sick.  Her name is Ashli Foshee McCall and I remember she was so kind.  I was feeling kind of sorry for myself that day, so I sent a simple message saying she probably didn’t remember me, but how grateful I was for her support when I was pregnant with my twins and how it seemed I was headed down that road again.

I was so surprised – and touched – at the response I got:

Dear Sommer,

I am a very close friend of Ashli McCall of Beyond Morning Sickness.  Because Ashli is recovering from the effects of surgery, I’ve been handling her correspondence.

In fact, Ashli and I both remember you EXTREMELY well.   Her  website had just started up back in June 2007, and she asked me to search the Internet for women with HG who might benefit from her book.  You were the very first one who I located.   I still have the shipping receipt for the package.

You may be proud to learn that the blog post of yours that originally brought you to our attention has saved the lives of many mothers and their babies.  It comes up frequently in Google searches, and women who have seen it have written us asking for a free book.  We are then also able to connect them with volunteers, and intervene in their care by finding them more qualified doctors if necessary.  Since we first corresponded with you, we have sent books to all 50 states and 23 countries.

May I PLEASE send you a free replacement copy of Ashli’s book, together with her children’s book and a copy of her HG diary? Is your address still ***?

Also, would you like some of our volunteers to contact you?  If so, I’ll pass along your email address.

Sommer,  I hope you feel better soon! Please feel free to write me if there is anything else I can do for you.  You can also text (or call) me anytime.

God bless you,

Lyle Brooks
Beyond Morning Sickness

Wow.  I was floored.  My blog post that led Ashli to contact me was his one: Hyperemesis is… and to anyone who may come across this post and is suffering beyond the norms of morning sickness, I urge you to check out her website at and request a book.  Even if you’re still puking your brains out and feel like you’re on the verge of death every waking moment, even knowing that others have lived through it and that you are not alone is a huge help (at least it has been to me).

I cannot express how thankful I am to Ashli and Lyle for their support and kindness both when I was sick with the boys and now.  Sometimes, a little understanding goes a long way.  I’ll be giving my new copy of Ashli’s book to my doctor when I see him next (who, thankfully, is a LOT more understanding than the asshat I saw today) and hopefully move towards trying something else to keep me functioning while I get through these next months.

I’m 8 weeks today – maybe it’s time to start the belly pictures. :)

3 Replies to “Sorry you’re so sick…”

  1. Sommer, the fact that they remembered you and replied like that – I teared up! I hate that you’re sick, I want to punch that doctor too, and I will pray for an answer soon. Whether it’s the pump or whatever. I hope you get help soon.

  2. Hello Sommer,

    I volunteer with Beyond Morning Sickness and know first hand how difficult HG is because I have been helping my best friend through it. It’s very sad how little doctors know about this disease. I lift you up in prayer to the great physician!

    Blessings, Katie

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