Hyperemesis… Take 3.

I finally got my doctor to take me seriously today.  I stood up for myself, conveyed that I am so sick right now, on the max doses of what I am taking, imagine how I’d be if we took it all away?  He agreed and admitted that it’s beyond his area of expertise to treat hyperemesis.  I can respect that – after all, he’s a family doctor, not an obstetrician.  And even most obstetricians don’t know what to do for HG.

That said, he offered me a solution.  Finally.  I have a referral to the OB that treated me when I was pg with the boys.  Not sure how long until I can see him – could be 2-3 agonizing weeks – but relief is in sight.  I hope.

To add to my fun, my stomach started to hurt yesterday in that all-too-familiar IBS way.  It wasn’t until 3 am that it really hit me.  Unfortunately, it seems while pregnant, it doesn’t work the same way.  Usually, I go to the bathroom a few times and the pain is gone.  Last night, it got so bad – and nothing was happening to relieve it – that I ended up laying on my bathroom floor for over 5 hours.

It wasn’t until 6 am, when Skip came in to get ready for work and turned on the lights, that I noticed I was bleeding rectally.  Quite a bit, actually.  Excellent.

The pain eased up by morning and I was able to doze on and off until my 4 pm doctor’s appointment.  The IBS attack seems to have mostly gotten out of my system, though a few ill effects remain that I won’t disgust the masses with.

Overall, it’s been a hellacious day.  My nausea is so bad that not eating makes it worse, but eating makes it worse  It’s a catch-22 of the worst kind.  It’s to the point where I keep having to talk myself OUT of throwing up.  I feel like if I could just throw up a little bit, it would alleviate the nausea, but the truth is if I even throw up just “a little bit,” it’s going to be one awful spiral downhill and I can’t go there.

If I can hang on until my referral comes through, there will be hope.  Until then…  ugh.

Funny thing is, I remember “loving” being pregnant both times before.  Then I go back and read my blogs and see I was just as miserable then, too.  My mind is really good at blocking out the bad stuff, I guess.

I’m 10 weeks tomorrow.  I was sick through 20 weeks (without treatment) with Calista.  Hopefully, ten more weeks from now (though I’m praying it’s much less) I will start to feel human again and can get to the parts of pregnancy I remember loving.

One day at a time.

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  1. So glad you are getting someone to listen, I really hope you get to that happy memories part soon!!!
    *I have IBS, it stinks even when not pregnant. ((hugs))

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