Ping Pong

Dr. A sent a referral off to Dr. M on Monday for management of my hyperemesis.

Wednesday, Dr. M’s office called to tell me that they feel Dr. A can handle the recommended treatment for me, which is 1-3 times per week infusions of Zofran, Pepcid, fluids and vitamins.  This is what I did when pregnant with the boys, though I was worse off and had a PICC line and did infusions daily at home.

Dr. M’s office said as long as Dr. A is comfortable with it and I am comfortable with it, they don’t need to get involved.  I said I was FINE with Dr. A managing it (and, in case I had not posted it previously, I have been saying for about a week now if I could only get referred for infusions it would help so much!) and they said Dr. M had emailed the info to Dr. A.  Perfect.

I waited and never heard from Dr. A yesterday.  Now it’s Thursday and I was really kind of hoping I could get in for infusion before the weekend and maybe feel up to taking CJ school shopping as promised this weekend.

I decided to call Dr. A today to check in and apparently, there’s no notes in my chart that they heard anything back from Dr. M at all.  The receptionist passed a note on to Dr. A and his staff so they could “find it,” but I am losing hope of anything happening before the weekend now.

I hope they do find it soon, because if Dr. A doesn’t want to deal with it, that means I have to get an appointment with Dr. M before they will order infusions and that could set me back another week or two!  Ugh.

Sometimes, being a patient is so hard!  And yes, I mean “a patient”, though being patient is hard, too.  :)

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