And we’re having a…

Ok, we were NOT supposed to find out the baby’s gender this time.  But here’s how it went down:

We asked not to find out the gender at our anatomy u/s, but twice when the tech was looking at the stomach, I was pretty sure I saw the gender right away.

Then she had us look away when she did the femur measurements, which we all did. After that, she shut off the main screen, let me use the bathroom and left the room for a minute. When I came out, Skip left to use the bathroom and Calista said, “Oh, look! The images are on her screen!”

I looked, and sure enough, the femur measurement images were on the screen and then I knew for sure what I thought I saw previously was right.

I felt really bad since we wanted the surprise, and I told Skip I knew, but I wouldn’t tell him unless he asked. That was Monday.

Tuesday night, he asked me, and I asked him three times if he was SURE he wanted to know, and he said yes, so I told him it’s a girl. But I also told him I did not want to tell ANYONE that until I had confirmation from the tech (really, I’d be happy still keeping it a secret until birth).

I got confirmation the following day from the u/s place that what I was was right.

We wanted to tell in a fun/special way, especially for the kids, so we did the uber popular “gender reveal” deal with balloons in a box.  Instead of a box full of one color balloons (which I felt was a little wasteful and more than I wanted to spend), I did one pink and one blue balloon and secured the appropriate gender color balloon.  When the box was opened, the “wrong” gender balloon flew away, revealing what we are having.

Here is a little video of the whole process: Gender Reveal

Here is a “sneak peek” photo from our photographer.  Calista’s joy is immeasurable, and the boys are looking at the balloon that flew away.

And this is baby girl’s name…



Her full name is Shiloh Everly.  Shiloh is Hebrew and means “he who is sent”, “gift” or “peaceful”; Everly is English and means “grazing meadow”, “from the boar meadow”, or “boar in a meadow”. I think of it as our gift who turned our life upside down like a boar in a meadow. ;)

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  1. I remember like it was yesterday when you were pregnant with the twins and wanting to be boy/girl twins so Calista could have the sister she wanted and Skip his boy…. I am so glad Calista is having a sister after all!!! :)

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