Two cookies and an apple

Two cookies and an apple.  That’s all I’ve been able to eat today.

I had an AMAZING week two weeks ago.  I felt so good.  I was ready to have my PICC line pulled!  I was cured!

And then I felt a little yucky on the 8th day.  And worse on the 9th.  I spent the 10th and 11th sobbing in my recliner and it just got worse from there.

First, I now have excruciating heartburn added to the mix.  And then I started waking up sick, when previously, I was pretty good in the mornings and would just get sick as the day went on.

I’ve been working 40 hour weeks through all of this.  Sometimes it’s from my bed, but I make sure I put my time in.  I schedule my meetings with my best times of day in mind and I go to them.

Until today.  I was sick before bed and up sick most the night.  By morning, it was all I could do to try to get out of bed.  I texted my supervisor that I was really unwell and didn’t know that I could make our 9:30 AM meeting – a meeting with a third party that is rather important and has been scheduled for weeks.

I hated sending that text but I couldn’t even get myself out of bed.  When she wrote back that we could reschedule, I just lost it.  Tears of relief and frustration came pouring out.

I had to text Skip next and ask if he could come home from work and get the kids ready and off to school, which he did.  I made it as far as waking up CJ and getting the boys some milk before I retreated to the bathroom, sobbing and dry heaving.  I have nothing to throw up.

Skip was so sweet as to clean the shower drain so the smell didn’t make me more sick, and he brought me an apple cinnamon cookie to try.  I choked it back and went back to sleep.

All have been able to eat so far are two cookies and 1/2 of an apple.  My head is throbbing and the nausea and reflux are overwhelming.

Today, I feel defeated and want my life back.  But most of all, I want to be well enough to enjoy what little time is left in my last pregnancy.

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  1. Hi Sommer,
    Congrats on having a girl! How exciting! Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble eating. :( It really sucks to not be able to enjoy our pregnancies. I hope you feel better soon and that you are able to eat more than a couple cookies and an apple! Thank you for sharing your HG story. HG is so rare and misunderstood. I love all blogs that raise awareness about hyperemesis. I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You can read about it here –
    Hang in there!

  2. Have you tried Nexium or Pantaloc for the heartburn. It saved my life with the nausea/heartburn (which I didn’t even know I had!) when Zantac 150 wouldn’t touch it.
    Have you ever talked to the NVP hotline at they are lifesavers!! They recommended Nexium to me and I’m a huge believer now! It’s been tested to be safe in pregnancy. They can email you all the info and studies and everything. They followed me thru my 2nd pregnancy to keep my HG under control with meds – I volunteered for a study they were doing.
    I hope you are feeling better soon… Be strong. You WILL make it through, no matter how dark it seems.
    HG survivors are my heroes :)

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