34w5d Ultrasound

Today I am 34w5d and had one last ultrasound to check on Shiloh’s position, fluid and get an estimated weight.  She’s head down, fluid is good (abundant, even) and her estimated weight was 6 pounds 1 ounce!  Of course that can be off by a pound either way, but based on how big the others were, it’s probably about right.

She even switched the machine over to 3D for a minute and we got another peek at the little Miss.  She’s a chubby little thing!

34w5d Ultrasound

Ive got a busy work week this week, and I’m in a wedding on Saturday, but after that…  I’m feeling ready.  If she is ready, she’s welcome to come any time after Saturday!

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    1. She does look quite a bit like Skip and Nate. But that’s not her hairline – that’s just shadowing on the ultrasound. She has hair, but not a lot, according to the tech. I had hoped she’d finally be the one born with a mop like I was, but no such luck, apparently!

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