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This page, like me, is a work in progress…

I am a 30-something married mother of four.  My husband and I met on the Internet in 1998 (you know, before it was socially acceptable and all), moved to Washington in 2000 (from Pennsylvania), married my husband in 2001, had our daughter in 2003, our twin sons in 2007 and our second daughter in 2013.

I started this blog when we were trying to conceive our second child.  [The original “About” page that details our journey through infertility can be found here.]  Ace and Nate joined our family after a 3-year struggle with infertility.  This blog was my way of recording my emotions, sharing my insanity with those who cared, and raising funds for our treatments.  Then it became a journal of a very rough pregnancy, followed by premature babies and a NICU adventure and finally, the homecoming of our long-awaited second — and third! — child.  Now it’s morphed into the boring chronicles of my life, but this whole blogging thing has sort of grown on me over the years.

I spend way too much online, especially at the sites I have listed in my links on this blog.  I have run ConnectedMoms.com since 2004 and it’s one of my lifelines.  I used to run a web and graphic design business from home, though I went back to working for “someone else” in early 2010.

Things you might not know about me… I am left handed.  If I were just one inch shorter, I’d technically be considered disabled.  I am losing my hearing and am currently moderately deaf in my left ear and moderate-to-severely deaf in my right ear.  I wear hearing aids (most days).  I can make my stomach make a very gross sloshing sound.  I can’t cook an edible meal, but I can build a computer.  I moved 3,000 miles from home with nothing but a box of clothes and two rabbits when I was 21 years old.  I like to eat apples with mayonnaise.

Things I hope you know about me…  I love my children, my husband, and my life.  I cherish my friends.  I believe in karma.  I pay it forward when I can.  I am not religious, but I consider myself blessed.

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m a healthcare writer with AOL. Would you be willing to talk to me for a story I’m working on about IVF fundraising? If, so, let me know and we can set up some time to talk. Thanks for your consideration. Best,


  2. Hello Sommer and Skip-

    This is Brandi Koskie, we were both featured in the article on AOL Daily Finance today. I just wanted to reach out and say it’s nice to be kept in such good company with other creative and inspiring infertile couples. Moreso, congratulations on your successful IVF. We’re anxiously waiting our little girl next month!

    Best wishes-


  3. Hi. Just ran across your blog. My husband and I are dealing with 10 years of infertility. We want to go for IVF but it’s so expensive. I notice some couples turn to IVF fundrasing blogs. How would I get started? I don’t know where to begin at all.

  4. Hi Sommer! Congrats on 34 weeks (I read one of your recent updates)! I am touching base to ask you something, but can’t seem to get ahold of you through my old contact info (email, FB, etc.). Please email me at Kathy(at) bereaved(and)blessed(dot)com. Thanks!

    1. Opps! I meant Kathy(at)bereavedandblessed(dot)com. Would love to hear from you/know the best way to get a hold of you now. Thanks! Hope you and your family are well! :)

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